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DTF-Supplies.com: Your Solution for DTF Printing

We provide everything you need for successful DTF printing.


DTF Printers

Choose from our diverse range of DTF printers to meet your production needs.


Premium DTF Inks

Experience vibrant and durable prints on different fabric types with our eco-friendly DTF inks.


Compatible PET Films

Find compatible PET films in various sizes and thicknesses for your printing requirements.


High-Quality Adhesives

Ensure a strong and long-lasting bond between ink and fabric with our trusted powder adhesives.


Curing Machines and Heat Presses

We offer a range of heat presses and curing machines to suit different production scales.


Maintenance Supplies and Parts

Keep your DTF printers running smoothly with our maintenance supplies and spare parts.

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The Old Way of DTF Printing

Limited printer options for various production scales
Inks that lack vibrancy and durability on fabric
Difficulty finding compatible PET films for printing
Poor adhesion resulting in ink fading or peeling
Limited availability of suitable curing machines and heat presses
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The DTF-Supplies.com Difference

Diverse range of printer options for different production scales
Premium and eco-friendly inks for vibrant and durable prints
Wide selection of compatible PET films for various printing needs
High-quality adhesives for strong and long-lasting ink-to-fabric bond
Curing machines and heat presses to cater to different production scales

Why Choose DTF-Supplies.com?

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Comprehensive Product Range

We offer all the necessary DTF printing materials and services in one place.

Expertise and Support

Our team of experts provides technical assistance and troubleshooting.

Community Dedication

We foster a network of DTF enthusiasts and professionals through education and engagement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common queries about DTF printing and our products.

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Explore our product range and join the growing DTF-Supplies.com community.

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