Yellow DTF Ink


Enhance your designs with our Vibrant Yellow DTF Ink. Perfect for Epson and dual-head DTF printers, it offers bright, long-lasting prints.

Discover the brilliance of our Yellow DTF Ink, specifically formulated to deliver bright and vivid prints that capture attention. Ideal for use in a variety of Epson desktop and dual-head DTF printers with Piezo print heads, this ink is perfect for achieving high-quality, eye-catching results. Key features include:

  • Bright, vivid yellow color for standout prints.
  • Compatible with both desktop and dual-head DTF printers.
  • Ensures consistent quality and vibrancy in every print.
  • Shake well before use to maintain the vibrancy and overall quality of the ink. Our Yellow DTF Ink is designed to meet the demands of high-quality printing, providing exceptional color and durability for all your creative projects.
Dimensions8 × 4 × 4 in

16oz, 1Liter, 8oz

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